How is Your Interview Approach?

You may over think the process of hiring and you may think that your techniques are perfect. However, the process of hiring is always evolving and there are many strategic ways to make the interview a little bit easier! No one like an awkward situation, so make sure you and your potential candidate feel comfortable.

Here are some hints that your interview approach causes candidates to give up on the hiring process:

  1. Listen to Your Candidate
    • The job that your are interviewing about may have many details and different roles, however, you have a limited amount of time to feel your candidate out before they start losing interest. Ask questions that are relevant to the position and the candidate. Then, illustrate active listening while asking clarifying questions. Creating a space for open dialogue shows you’re interested in getting to know them and what they have to offer.
  2. Don’t Be to Focused on Job Fit
    • Feel free to ask your candidate about their passions inside and outside of work. Ask them to tell you a story about a “Time when….” and reflect on how their response ties to your organization. Starting a new job is also about integrating with a new community, so you want to make sure they feel comfortable. Candidates want to know they are looked at and valued beyond their professional skills.
  3. You Read Off the “Script”
    • Every organization has some sort of “script” they read through while interviewing the candidate. It is OK to not go by that! Use the “script” as a guide if need be, but this may portray to the candidate that they are not receiving a clear picture of the role. Use the time to go beyond the job description. Allow the candidate to get a glimpse of their future if they were to become a part of the team.

The key to improving is understanding the candidates’ experiences and expectations. You can’t improve until you’ve recognized what parts are pushing candidates away.