Time to make the donuts.  Well, that kinda sucks

Either you’re looking to take a new job or you’re hiring new people. Either way, can we please make work fun? I don’t mean scooters and beer pong. I mean can we try to make it awesome and fulfilling? Here’s a story about a company who clearly didn’t see it that way, event at the top.

Remember the big donut maker that rhymes with Flunkin Flonuts? When I was a kid, they had a commercial with an out of shape guy climbing out of bed pretty miserable saying, “Time to make the donuts.” over and over and over again… That’s my recollection, at least.

Can you imagine if that was acceptable to you as the CEO of Flunkin Flonuts? I want people “climbing the stairs two at a time” when they work for me.

What makes people happy to come to work? Here’s what I think:

  1. The right motivation.
  2. Trust, which leads to autonomy and mastery.
  3. Cadence, which sets good habits in stone.

With our new software at PropFuel, we’re focusing on companies with great cultures that want to make things even better. Recognition and feedback are really important to your people and to you to make the right decisions around your culture.

Work Less, Make More.

When your people are productive you make more money, in less time.  When your culture is reinforced and supported, you have less people problems and sleep better while enjoying work more.

That’s why we made PropFuel.  The fastest, simplest way to reinforce your culture, make your people feel understood, and feel recognized.

I’d rather hear people say, “I’m going to make some donuts that make people smile as they chew!!!”