How to Balance Work, School & Family

“I am a full-time employee and have a family to tend to. How am I supposed to balance college with everything else going on?” Life at this point is already hectic, but with time management, proper planning, and a healthy support system, there are ways to keep yourself happy with a balanced life. Let’s look at some ways that will help you work through this stressful dilemma.

Get organized and plan. If you are planning on in-seat classes or even online classes, getting yourself organized and planning out your schedule will help set yourself up for a successful path. Start by printing your school schedule and writing down important dates when assignments and exams are due. Communicate this with your family so that everyone is on the same page.

Stay on schedule and do not procrastinate. First, remember why you decided to go to school in the first place. Looking back on the first tip of getting organized and plan, stick to it and don’t let yourself fall off track. It’s always harder to get back on track then to just stick to what you planned out. This will also allow you to reduce your stress level during these hectic times.

Reduce and manage stress. If you are a person that does get easily stressed or have anxiety when you have a lot on your plate, take time to destress. Doing things like exercising, eating healthy, staying positive, doing something you enjoy, meditating, and even spending valuable time with your family will help your stress level decrease.

Create yourself a healthy support system. We all know that a healthy support system starts with you, but you can’t do this alone! Communicate with your family and friends and do not feel ashamed if you have concerns. These important people in your life will allow you to talk when you are feeling stressed. And remember, as much as you want to succeed, the important people in your life want to see you succeed too!

Know when enough is enough. We all want to take on more and to achieve more, whether it is with work, family or friends. Know when to say no in situations. Know when to call it quits for the day. Everyone who is involved in your life will understand if they really care about you and what your goals are.  Do not feel ashamed for saying “no.”

Treat yourself once in awhile. You work hard, spend countless hours doing schoolwork, and have to tend to and take care of your family. Sometimes just take a step back to evaluate everything. Blow off some steam by treating yourself to things you love to do! Go get your hair done, get a massage, go play a sport, or splurge on something for yourself. You do you every once in awhile.

Always remember, you are in it to win it! If you don’t keep yourself healthy and happy, what was the point to go through the trouble of bettering yourself.