About Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry

Mark has dedicated his entire professional career to helping clients grow, retain and attract new clients. As a result of Mark’s passion to grow up-and-coming companies into larger ones, Mark joined Association Analytics as the President & CRO where Mark oversees sales, marketing, partnerships, operations and contracts. Prior to joining Association Analytics, for over 10 years Mark was the CRO of Higher Logic. While at Higher Logic, Mark quickly displayed a desire to teach, motivate and lead sales teams. Under Mark’s leadership, Higher Logic grew to the most widely used community platform in North America, was consistently ranked in the INC 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, voted 50 greatest places to work in the Washingtonian and other publications, grew from a couple employees to about 350 and grew to a multi-hundred-million-dollar business from a bootstrapped organization. During his career, Mark has helped thousands of organizations with digital transformation, while increasing revenues. Mark also advises and consults other companies on organizational growth strategies. Helping train them in sales and operations best practices. Mark regularly speaks at industry events and is featured in industry publications.


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