5 Things You Can Do Starting Today to Be a Better Leader

12 things you can do, top 5 strategies, first 3 things, click bait, click bait, click bait.. right?

12 things you can do, top 5 strategies, first 3 things, click bait, click bait, click bait.. right?  

Absolutely, but it works, and it can allow you to be more self-reflective quickly, like this post.  One of the reasons I like Wes Trochlil’s blog on Effective Database Management is because it includes short consumable posts, with great content.  Reading books is great but tough to do in the middle of a work day, and with all of the content flying at us through screens these days, a top 10 or top 6 list with a little commentary is welcome and usually useful, if your source is a credible publisher.

I came across an article yesterday on Entrepreneur.com from 2015 titled “12 Things You Can Do Starting Tomorrow to Be a Better Leader”, I’ve cherry-picked my favorite 5, and included a link to the full list.  It’s a quick click, and a quick read. Enjoy

  1. Be Yourself – People can smell a fraud.  Be your authentic self.  Maybe leave the F bombs, Saturday dress code and a few other things at home, but when you come to work, don’t build a wall, be yourself.  People will accomplish more together when they feel others are being sincere with them.  Trust goes both ways.
  2. Study Past Leaders – This is simple, be yourself, but model the type of leader you want to be after others you’ve admired that have done the same.  It doesn’t need to be Mark Cuban or Steve Jobs, chances are you’ve never worked with those guys, it might be a combination of mannerisms from your daughter’s soccer coach and the guy that used to manage the call center you worked in.  Take the good, leave the bad and make it your own successful style.
  3. Know Your Team – Get to know your team, your employees, mark your calendar for birthdays or their kids birthdays.  These things aren’t just thoughtful either, it will make you feel good when it makes them feel good when you remember it.  What do they like, red or white, whiskey over bourbon, the color orange, hiking or trips to Nashville with their nephew.  Just pay attention, don’t stalk them, but try to actually care when they’re talking to you, and find ways to relate when possible.
  4. Encourage Creativity – This shouldn’t be really hard.  Say good job, but ask what they think.  Don’t say what you don’t like, ask what they like about “it” or don’t like.  Delegate.  Getting people to work independently is liberating for both the team, and the leaders.  Micro-managers get what they ask for, not what their team is capable of.
  5. Practice Effective Communication – Don’t just communicate effectively, practice it, like the title suggests.  Welcome communication from others, invite it even.  Ask questions.  You may be the most articulate person in the world, that’s great, but don’t forget that you’re leading others, and you want them to be as good as you are if they are representing your brand as well.

For the rest of the list, visit the original article at Entrepreneur.com